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"Grow Your Crypto"

Sprout Package - GPU Mining Starter Kit

The ELM Sprout Package is everything you need to get started as a GPU miner.  Our team of miners has identified what we feel to be the most cost efficient and stable equipment from our years of personal mining experience. Preloaded with Ubuntu or Windows (User Choice) and all the mining software you need, this kit will have you mining your favorite Alt coins or earning BTC in minutes!  All packages come with Phone and/or Email support.

Seedling Package - GPU Mining Advance Kit

The ELM Seedling Package is for the more dedicated GPU miner.  This rig comes with 8x Vega56 GPU's, 2 linked PSU's and much more.  Preloaded with Windows and all the mining software you need, this kit will have you mining your favorite Alt coins or earning BTC in minutes! All packages come with Phone and/or Email support.

Sapling Package - ASIC Mining Starter Kit

The ELM Sapling Package is designed to get new users familiar with the world of ASIC mining.  Unlike GPU mining, ASIC's can be very easy to setup and maintain once you are familiar with the remote web interface.  However they can only mine the algorithim they are designed for.  If you would like help choosing an algorithim that right for you just contact one of our friendly staff and we will evaluate your situation and help you make a decision.

The Mighty Elm Package - Pro. Mining Setup

The Might Elm Package is for the serious crypto miner.  This package comes in various sizes and confiurations and includes site consultation, electrical evaluation, design ideas for housing your equipment, as well as the equipment, cables, racks, ect.  Everything you need for a profesional mining setup, including the assistance to make it possible.

Welcome to the Epic Loots Mining Store!


All GPU Mining Rigs are custom built to order, After your purchase is palced you will be contacted by one of our staff to discuss your mining goals so we can personalize your miner.


Once you recieve your miner you will be contacted again to ensure your questions and concers are answered and you are able get mining as soon as possible!



If  you experience ANY issues Placing your order or Checking Out please reach out to us at orders@epiclootsmining.com

If  you experience ANY issues Placing your order or Checking Out please reach out to us at orders@epiclootsmining.com

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About us


     At ELM there is nothing that we want more than to see the growth and success of everyone in the crypto community and even more so everyone outside of the crypto community who may be interested but unsure where to begin.


     Its is for this very reason that we have dedicated ourselves to not only providing quality mining equipment but a helping hand getting setup and running. 


Dont just buy some coins to HoDL, let ELM help you "Grow Your Crypto"

Started as a hobby in 2017, crypto mining quickly grew into a passion and then an obsession.  Countless nights (and Red bulls) scouring Bitcointalk and Github, compiling miners, writing scripts, and building miners coulminated into the creation of Epic Loots Mining, LLC. 


Based out of Texas with partners in North Carolina we formed a group and filed for registration in March of 2018.  Since then we have spent thousands of hours refining our process, expanding our operation and infrastructure, and keeping up with the latesest in hardware, software, and crypto projects. 


We are active members of the Litecoin Cash community, LightningCash-Gold community, Y-Cash community, and Uranium-X community and can be found regularly on Discord in thier respctive channels.


As a result in 2019 we launched Epic Loots Mining Pool (Current under redesign, relaunch Jan 2020) supporting the LightningCash-Gold project initially with plans to expand to Litecoin Cash & Uranium-X in the very near future, and Y-Cash at its launch in July 2019. (YCash support will come on re-launch)


In 2019 we also partnered with AtomMiner as an official distributor for the United States, and launched our online store offering not only hardware but our expertise getting setup and running. 

Our history


If you have ANY questions or concerns reguaring the website or products offered, or even just about the crypto space,  please dont hesitate to reach out to us. 

We are ALWAYS here to help!

Standard Hours of Opperation ar from 8am - 6pm Monday thru Friday









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